Expert Conference Bioethics and Human Dignity in Berlin

Date: Friday, September 15th 2017, 2:30 pm –6:00 pm
Location: Tagungszentrum Hotel Aquino / Katholische Akademie
Hannoversche Straße 5 b · 10115 Berlin ·

Only a few years ago, scientists promised to cure diseases by using human embryos for their research. Meanwhile, disillusionment has set in. New technologies open up possibilities to induce specific genetic changes of gametes and embryos. Interventions in the human germline are no longer banned, but carried out, just like experiments with embryonic human-animal chimeras. Three-parent-babies are artificially created in labs. New blood tests make it possible to select children with undesired characteristics at a very early stage, there are calls that such tests be covered by health insurance. But what does manipulated reproduction mean for our society? Do we want such “optimizations” with all their unforeseeable risks for generations to come? What changes are to be expected for parents who insist on accepting their non-optimized child?

On behalf of the board of we would like to invite you to discuss the background of the latest developments.

Bundesverband Lebensrecht, the German Pro Life Federation,