Beating hearts at March for Life in the Netherlands

December 9th the Netherlands will see its 25th edition of the March for Life. In 2016 the Dutch March for Life grew unexpectedly from 2500 participants in the previous year to 5000. This year the organizers are expecting another increase in attendance.

Speakers are the leaders of two political parties, one of which is part of the new coalition
government, and a lady who gives her testimony. Especially significant with the recent
decision of the UN Human Rights Committee to exclude the unborn child from the right to
life, is that Peter Smith will address the crowd. Peter has a been working for pro-life issues
within the UN for several decades. December 10 is the international Human Rights Day
because of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights on that day in 1948. Universal should
include the unborn.

When did your heart start beating?

Since 1985 Cry for Life has been fighting abortion and euthanasia by informing people, raising
awareness and protesting. With the March for Life the foundation wants to show both the public
and the government that all human life has value and that laws that attack life are not the solution
to any problem. The theme of this year’s March is “When did your heart start beating?”
Journalists and reporters welcome!

We would really appreciate if you, other pro life movements or associated organizations, would join
us December 9th. And moreover, that you share what is going on that day, and in general in the
Netherlands concerning abortion and euthanasia, in your own country and network. When you are
(sending) a journalist or want to report the event please contact Sjoukje Dijkstra through or on +31 6 1454-6424. You can also write her if you want to
receive a press release after the march.

Practical information

The March for Life will be held in The Hague at the Malieveld, a very central place in the city,
across from The Hague Central Station. It starts at 12.00 hours but people can attend form 11.00
hours onwards and around 15.30 hours the event will end. If you are planning on coming please
note that you have to organize your own travel and lodging. Attached you will find a location map.
We would like to hear from you if you plan to attend as visitor: